Arte y Cultura

Annual Art Exhibition

March / April

A survey of visual art works (paintings, prints, graphic design, video, photographs and mixed media) by Latin American and Latino artists. This exhibition is curated by a Venezuelan and accompanied by a catalog and a program postcard. The programs aims to attract Casa de Venezuela members and general audiences interested in Latin American arts and to provide support to local and regional artists by promoting their work in common artistic venues and galleries. The program runs once a year during the months of March-April.


Venezuelan Expressions

September / October

A special program-oriented event commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15). This program showcases the artistic talent of Venezuelan musicians and dancers living in the region. It will include a musical and dance performance and a series of children educational workshops, all designed to promote Venezuelan cultural diversity and multiculturalism.


Ensemble of Music

The Ensemble of Music of Casa de Venezuela (Los Chucusitos) in a group formed by members of Casa de Venezuela in love with the traditional tunes and rhythms of the Venezuelan Music. The ensemble seeks to promote and share this music in the region to create awareness and appreciation for cultural diversity. In 2008, The Ensemble release their first music CD entitled Venezuelan Expressions, the CD is a compilation of various traditional Venezuelan songs.


Group of Traditional Dances

The committee of traditional Venezuelan Dances is formed by a group of people that love the traditional and folkloric dances of Venezuela. Its mission is to preserve and promote these dances in order to create understanding and tolerance of the multicultural values of Latin-America.

The committee of traditional Venezuelan Dances runs a series of workshops thorough the year to teach Venezuelan dances to youth and adults aiming to later present them at performances around the area This group is always open for new talents and members. 

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