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Three Wise Men - Toys for Tots


The Three Kings celebration, also known as the “Three Wise Men” has an especial meaning for Latin-Americans. In partnership with the Dioceses of Trenton, during the first week of January, members of Casa de Venezuela giveaway toys to Hispanic children of low incomes families in the area of Trenton, New Jersey. The toys are collected during the months of November and December at special toy rallies or during Casa de Venezuela’s annual Christmas party (estimated children served 100).


Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting gathers the members of Casa de Venezuela, and individuals looking to learn more about the organization. During this meeting the board of directors presents the annual report for the previous fiscal year, a report of completed activities, programs and events, as well as a list of pending or proposed programs and events for the upcoming year. This meeting usually takes place in the month of March.
During this meeting, members of Casa de Venezuela can openly discuss their concerns and issues in relation with the organization, suggest new programs, and provide advice and suggestions for the sustainability of the organization.

Review of Past Editions:
Annual General Meeting 2009


Mother’s Day


An event that takes place during the month of May. It is an outdoor event where families and friends come together to celebrate the Mother’s Day and the beginning of the summer season. This event is considered fundraising event but also a friend-raiser one because it is open to the general public and particular for those that would like to learn more about the organization (estimated participants 350).

Review of Past Editions:
Mother's Day Celebration 2009 at Bellevue State Park


Independence of Venezuela


This event takes place every July 5th. It consists of two separate activities:

The floral wreath laying at the base of the Statue of General Francisco de Miranda (1750-1816), an independence hero that fought for independence of Venezuela and supported the independence movement of the United States and the French Revolution. The statue is located in the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia and 21st Street.

Follow by a cocktail reception where members of Casa de Venezuela, personalities and guests come together to converse and celebrate for the Independence of Venezuela.


Halloween Party


A program/event targeted to youth partygoers audience. The event takes place at the end of the month of October or a beginning of the month of November. This is a fundraising program (estimated participants 500).


Christmas Party


Annual event only for members of Casa de Venezuela. During this event, member of the organization share their traditions and memories about the Christmas festivities of Venezuela. A full course dinner is serve, consisting on the traditional dishes consume typically and only during the Christmas season. Live music and entertainment is usually available, as well as a Santa appearance to give gifts to the children of the members of Casa de Venezuela. (estimated participants 200).

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