Congressman Boyle is deeply concerned about Venezuela’s crisis

Monday, June 25th, 2018
Andres Arciniega

Due to the efforts of Casa de Venezuela leadership, a new voice of support has spoken out in the House of Representatives. US Congressman, Brendan Boyle, representing Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district expressed his concerns about the humanitarian crisis that affects the South American country and how violence is used to attack opposition leaders and their supporters.


Philadelphia, PA.- In a letter sent to Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, Congressman Boyle stated that civil, political and economic freedoms under Nicolas Maduro government have “dramatically” deteriorated. The Venezuelan government has repressed dissent, arresting people who do not support Maduro’s regime and depriving those in detention of due process. Even though the federal government has placed new targeted sanctions on Venezuela, Boyle encourages the administration “to use all tools in our democratic toolkit, including humanitarian assistance and support for democracy.” Also, he strongly encourages the Department to urge other like-minded countries to provide similar leadership and elevate a collective response to this crisis.  

Boyle agrees with the Department of State statement, which condemns the fraudulent elections that took place in Venezuela on May 20, 2018. “This was an attack on constitutional order and Venezuela’s tradition of democracy. Until the Maduro regime restores a democratic path in Venezuela through free, fair, and transparent elections, the government there must continue to experience isolation from the international community.”

In his letter, Congressman Boyle mentioned the situation of Maduro’s political opponents who have been subjected to intense persecution. He urges the Department of State to take “immediate action” to assist political prisoners, accused of false crimes and exposed on state media by regime officials. At El Helicoide, Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) headquarter are incarcerated more than 300 political prisoners, including U.S. citizens and opposition leaders.  

The Venezuelan diaspora was another topic addressed by Boyle. Maduro’s leadership is responsible for the historic collapse in Venezuela: widespread hunger, prices soaring, rampant crime and healthcare system on the brink of catastrophe. Because all these conditions plus the political situation, many Venezuelan have left the country, “overwhelming nearby countries.”

In many opportunities, members of the House of Representatives have asked the United States government broader sanctions against Maduro’s regime. Boyle is the first congressman of Pennsylvania who has supported Venezuela's fight for freedom. Casa de Venezuela Philadelphia encourages all Venezuelans in the United States to contact their representatives, demanding concrete and effective actions to face this historic crisis.

Irene Contreras

Casa de Venezuela Press

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