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It gives you the access to the largest cultural, educational & social Venezuelan organization in region.

Benefits for our members:

  • Participation in different activities and events programmed by the organization to conserve the bonds with the language, culture and the traditions of Venezuela.
  • Three Members ONLY events throughout the year.
  • Access to the benefits provided by the GP Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (under revision).
  • Special discounts in the events that Casa de Venezuela organizes and promotes.
  • Special discounts in products and services provided by the businesses of members and partners of Casa de Venezuela.
  • Information on events of interest for the Venezuelan community organized outside Casa de Venezuela.
  • El Araguaney E-Newsletters
  • And much more...

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Miembro joven de Casa de Venezuela lanza candidatura para consejo escolar

Abril 14, 2015
Oscar Arias decide ser candidato para el consejo escolar de North Penn High School.

Carta a Miembros y Amigos de Casa de Venezuela

Diciembre 02, 2014

Casa de Venezuela: Los Primeros 10 Años

Mayo 06, 2014
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